School Data

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Want to see how schools are performing as a group? Using our NEW Report Builder, you can view schools for different regions throughout Nevada.

Please note: Our report builder is still under development. If you encounter inaccurate information, please help us improve our Report Builder by emailing us. Do you have a custom report that you would like us to build? Please send an email to When the report is ready, you will be notified via email.

These reports and tools were developed to provide more context and access to the current education landscape in Nevada. We are aware that some of these reports are out of date. Please check back frequently. Updates are coming soon.


CCSD by the Numbers

View key metrics about Clark County School District (CCSD) schools.
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Nevada by the Numbers

View key metrics about all Nevada public schools and see how they compare to other states.
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Educational Landscape


See the progress of the Clark County School District’s measure of success with its 5-year plan called FOCUS 2024.
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State of Nevada

See how the New Nevada Plan, the plan for how schools are funded, is measuring on its goals. This tool is coming soon.
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School Quality Map

Get information on the quality, location and enrollment of Nevada’s K-12 public schools.
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School Performance

Compare ACT Results

This tool allows you to compare 11th grade college-readiness results to other states that administer the ACT test.
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Compare SBAC Results

This tool allows you to compare 3rd grade SBAC results to other states in the consortium.
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