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School Comparison Report | Apr. 24 2024
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School Comparison

Acerca de esta herramienta

Welcome to a smarter way to choose the perfect educational path for your student with Opportunity 180’s innovative school comparison feature! Easily make informed decisions about your student’s education by comparing up to three schools at the same grade level.

  • Effortless Comparison: Easily compare up to three schools within the same grade level (Example: only elementary schools).
  • Comprehensive Metrics: Explore vital school metrics, including star ratings, academic achievement, growth, English language proficiency, opportunity gaps, and student engagement.
  • Highlighting Excellence: Instantly spot the best rating in each category, showcased in vibrant blue.

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You must find at least two schools to generate a comparison report. For the comparison report to generate, they must be of the same grade level (Example: elementary schools).

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Escuelas Cercanas

Desert Willow ES (0 miles away)Alternative, Pre-K - 5
Desert Willow MS (0 miles away)Alternative, Middle School
College of Southern Nevada High School West (0.24 miles away)District Zoned, High School

Detalles Sobre la Escuela

Matriculación 15

The total number of students enrolled at a school.

Spend Per Pupil N/R

The total amount of money spent per student that year. This number includes federal, state, and local funds, and includes grants and appropriations.

Niveles Escolares 9-12
Transitoriedad 129%

The percentage of students who do not finish the school year at the same school they started.

Tipo de Escuela Alternative
  • District Zoned School - Your neighborhood public school, based on where the student lives. District Zoned Schools serve all students without restrictions.
  • Public Charter School - Schools of choice open to all students regardless of where they live. Charters operate without some of the regulations of district schools but are still held accountable to academic results and student achievement.
  • Public Magnet School - Schools that offer programs in specific focus areas, such as math, fine arts, science, or health. Entry to an elementary or middle school magnet program is interest-based.
  • Career and Technical Academies (CTA) - A type of Magnet School. Entry to a CTA program can be criteria, performance, and/or interest-based.
Sustitutos a largo plazo N/R

Substitute teachers that teach for more than ten days in a row in a school for the same teacher.

Población Estudiante

Aprendices del Idioma Inglés (ELL) 0%

Students who speak a language other than English when they first enroll in school and receive support to grow and improve in English Language Arts.

Almuerzo Gratuito o a Precio Reducido (FRL) 0%

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch based on household income.

Educación Especial (IEP) 0%

Students receiving special education services.

Blancos 47%
Multirraciales 33%
Hispanos 13%
Isleños del Pacífico 7%
Indios Americanos 0%
Two or more races 0%
Asiáticos 0%

Rendimiento escolar

English Language Proficiency

Captación de los Estudiantes


Preparación para la Universidad

Logro Académico + Equity
English Language Proficiency
Preparación para la Universidad
Captación de los Estudiantes

¿Cuántos niños en esta escuela están al nivel o arriba de su nivel escolar?

Academic Achievement tells us how many students met the State defined on grade level score on the ACT for Math and ELA, and the Nevada Science Assessment.

Overall Performance
Performance By Student Race/Ethnicity

Academic Achievement

Competente en general 0%
District Average: %
Competente en el Inglés 5%
District Average: %
Competente en las matemáticas 5%
District Average: %
Competente en las Ciencias 5%
District Average: %
  = District Average
NSPF Points Earned
Increased by No change% in 2022
Competente en general
No change in 2022
Competente en las matemáticas
Increased by 5% in 2022
English on Grade Level
Increased by 5% in 2022

Equity in education means personal or social circumstances do not impact achievement. This data shows students on or above grade level across the school's student population. Differences may suggest some student groups are not getting the support to succeed. Note: Subgroups that are less than 25 in the total number of students tested are not included here.

ACT Composite Scores
= district average
¿Cuántos estudiantes se han graduado en 4 años? 5%
¿Cuántos estudiantes se han graduado en 5 años? 5%

¿Cómo se está desempeñando esta escuela con estudiantes que necesitan ayuda extra para aprender el idioma inglés?

English Language Proficiency NA%
District Average: %

Estudiantes van por el camino correcto para ya no necesitar servicios para habilidades del idioma inglés dentro de cinco años

El número de estudiantes que se matriculan dentro de cursos que los preparan para la educación más allá de la high school (también conocidos como programas de Preparación Después de la Secundaria).

Post-secondary Course Participation NA%

Ejemplos de estos tipos de cursos incluyen clases de Colocación Avanzada (AP), Bachillerato Internacional, Crédito Dual/Matriculación Dual, y de Educación de Carrera y Técnica.

El número de estudiantes que completaron (tomar una evaluación AP) cursos diseñados para prepararlos para la educación más allá de la high school. completed (took an AP assessment) courses designed to prepare them for education beyond high school?

Post-secondary Course Participation NA%

How many students graduated with an Advanced Diploma OR a College and Career Ready (CCR) Diploma?

Post-secondary Course Participation NA%

Explore the requirements for Nevada students to earn an Advanced Diploma OR a College and Career Ready (CCR) Diploma.

ACT Test Results: How many students at this school are ready for college?

ACT test score of 22 or higher NA%

To graduate, students must take the College and Career Readiness (CCR) assessment in 11th grade on the scheduled testing day. The CCR assessment given to students in Nevada is called the ACT.

While students are required to take the ACT to graduate, their ACT score is not used to determine graduation eligibility. Instead, the ACT score is used by colleges to understand how well a student is doing in certain subjects. Students may choose to include their ACT score when applying to colleges. A student is considered ready for college if they score a 22 or higher on the ACT. Learn more.

Captación de los Estudiantes

A student that is absent 10% or more of the total days enrolled in a school will be identified as chronically absent. A student must be enrolled in a school for at least 91 days of the current school year to be included in this calculation.

How many students at this school were chronically absent?

Chronic Absence 5%

How many 9th graders are considered on-track?

On-track 9th graders NA%

School Climate

El clima escolar se evalúa a nivel escolar mediante una encuesta que se proporciona a todos los estudiantes en Nevada. La encuesta es administrada por los Institutos Americanos de Investigación (AIR) en nombre del Departamento de Educación de Nevada.

Learn more about school climate

Más favorable
Menos favorable
Select a category to explore the results:
En general
La competencia cultural y lingüística
La seguridad emocional
La seguridad física

School Discipline

Nevada law requires each school to report incidents of disciplinary action by race and ethnicity
Ningún dato indica que la escuela no reporta ningún caso registrado de disciplina en la categoría seleccionada.
Learn more about school climate

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