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The Delta Academy JSHS High School

The Delta Academy JSHS High School

Nearby Schools

The Delta Academy JSHS Middle School (0 miles away)District Charter, Middle School
Desert Rose High School (0.37 miles away)Alternative, High School
H P Fitzgerald Elementary School (0.48 miles away)District Zoned, Pre-K - 5

School Details

Enrollment 771
Spend Per Pupil $6,255
Grades Served 9-12
Transience 70%
School Type District Charter
Long-Term Subs 2

School Population

English Learners (ELL) 9%
Free/Reduced Price Lunch (FRL) 100%
Individual Education Plan (IEP) 14%
Hispanic 36%
Black 27%
White 23%
Two or more races 7%
Pacific Islander 4%
Asian 1%
In/AK Native 0%

School Performance

English Language Proficiency

Student Engagement


College & Career Readiness

Academic Achievement and Equity
English Language Proficiency
College & Career Readiness
Student Engagement

How many kids at this school are on or above grade level?

Academic Achievement tells us how many students met the State defined on grade level score on the ACT for Math and ELA, and the Nevada Science Assessment.

Overall on Grade Level 0%
English Language Arts on Grade Level 0%
Math on Grade Level 0%
Science on Grade Level 0%
How many students graduated in 4 years? 65%
How many students graduated in 5 years? 39%

How is this school doing with students who need extra help to learn the English language?

English Language Proficiency 10%

This percentage of students are on track to no longer need services for English language skills within five years.

How many students at this school participated in courses that prepare them for education beyond high school?

Post-secondary Course Participation 46%

Examples of these types of courses include Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate, Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment, and Career and Technical Education classes.

How many students completed (took an AP assessment) courses designed to prepare them for education beyond high school?

Post-secondary Course Participation 6%

How many students graduated with an Advanced Diploma OR a College and Career Ready (CCR) Diploma?

Post-secondary Course Participation 11%

See the requirements for Clark County students to earn an advanced diploma OR a College and Career Ready (CCR) Diploma.

ACT Test Results: How many students at this school are ready for college?

ACT test score of 22 or higher -998%

The ACT is a test that 11th-graders are required to take in Nevada. The test measures academic college readiness and predicts the likelihood of success in the first year of college. A score of 22 is a baseline to be considered college-ready.

A student that is absent 10% or more of the total days enrolled in a school will be identified as chronically absent. A student must be enrolled in a school for at least 91-days of the current school year to be included in this calculation.

How many students at this school were chronically absent during the 2020-2021 school year?

Chronic Absence 9.00%

How many 9th graders are considered on-track?

On-track 9th graders 0%


The Nevada School Climate/Social Emotional Learning Survey (NV-SCSEL) is given to students each fall. It is used by schools to understand how students feel about the quality of school life.

Learn more about school climate

Scale Key:
Most Favorable
Least Favorable
Overall Data
Cultural & Linguistic Competence
Emotional Safety
Physical Safety


Nevada law requires each school to report incidents of disciplinary action by race and ethnicity.
No data indicate that the school did not report any recorded instances of discipline in the selected category.

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