Ways to Be Involved
Questions to Ask Schools.
  • How is your school performing with students that are similar to mine?
  • What's the most important thing I can do to help my student be academically successful this year?
  • What does your school offer that makes it different from other schools?
  • How frequently should I expect to hear updates about how my student is doing?
  • What opportunities do you offer students outside the classroom? (Are there sports, electives, clubs, after-school and before-school programs, competitions or field trips?)
  • How do parents get involved in the school and in their student's class?
  • How do parents keep track of their student's performance between progress reports and report cards?
  • How do you measure student learning?
  • How do you grade homework? What is the consequence if homework is incomplete? What assistance do you offer struggling students?
  • Do you offer advanced classes for students?
  • How does your school support students who have learning challenges or special needs?
  • How do you teach students who speak limited English?
  • How do you discipline students? How do you reward students who behave well? Support your student and the school.
What you can do for your student right now:
  • If your student’s school is performing great,
    • Support your student & the school.
    • Participate in school-based activities to improve your student's learning.
    • Help other parents and students by being an active and engaged member of your community.
  • If your student’s school is performing poorly,
    • Ask questions to learn more about why.
    • Attend parent-teacher meetings.
    • Advocate for major changes at your school.
    • Select a different school that meets the needs of your student.
  • If you’re not sure how your student's school is performing,
    • Search your student's school here.
Other resources to engage with.